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Why I Give To Charity

There are so many layers to this story that I will try to be brief. My wife and I at our core want to help people. When we married we started sponsoring children in third world countries, that was 29 years ago. Some have graduated school and gone on to build their lives, others are still going to school.

Then about 12 years ago our lives went down to the point where we were homeless with boys of 8 and 12. The company I worked for decided they were going to offer new contracts. Mine meant a 20% pay cut and a 15-hour week. They assured me I could continue working the 70 hours a week I was working but only get 15 hours a week holiday or sick pay. I couldn’t live on that so I asked to stay on my casual contract. They were not happy but said yes. Then they offered me 8 hours a week until I signed the contract. I found another employer who wanted me to start straight away but my employer would not give me a reference. In the Disability industry that made me unemployable.

Without income we quickly lost our house and on my wife’s birthday we became homeless. We were lucky because we had friends. We put our belongings into storage and moved into a nice shed. It had electricity but no water or toilets. But we were able to solve that. We were there for 6 months and I am grateful to the people who helped us. Another 3 months were spent sleeping in spare rooms and couches before we got a home.

We had friends desert us and I was verbally attacked for allowing my family to get to this place. We had good people who cared for us but it was emotionally destroying. I had worked all my life but here I was. We finally dug ourselves out of it with help, and that is why I want to support charities. We had help, we wouldn’t have made it without that help. If I can help someone that just needs a hand. If what I do says to someone you are worth it then all the money I give is worth it.

These are the charities that will receive a percentage of all the income that the business generates.

International Charities
Kiva Micro Loans
Micro loans to help people in third world countries start their own businesses and create their own financial stability. 
We are already doing this and have seen a number of people realise their dreams and finances.


Charity Water
Clean water for third world countries. Wells drilled to give local, clean water. Here in Australia, we take clean water as a given but my wife experienced the perils of dirty water first hand.


The Smith Foundation
Sponsoring children to break the poverty cycle by getting the best education they can. Children are worth the investment.


Orange Sky
Giving the homeless mobile showers and clothes washing where they are. This is something we had first hand experience with. There were times when we had to go days without washing and you become so self-conscious that it can be paralyzing.

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