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I'm Stephen Utting

I started as a musician in the 1970’s and back then real success was wrapped in getting signed to a record company.


I did gigs for nothing, sometimes for a slab of beer and sometimes we had to pay the venue to play there.

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Don't Give Up

Since then, I have seen many talented musicians and songwriters give up because they had to pay the bills.


I had my own music business, which I had to give up in the financial crisis of 2011. 

I started reading everything I could about business and with the growth of the internet I have decided on a path to sustainable success. I am creating this path right now and I want to offer the path to others.


I don’t believe it is enough to say I did it and so can you. I believe that it is better for everyone to walk the path with someone and help them navigate the steps.

No Limits But The Sky

The online community I am creating is designed to walk the path and teach, encourage and release others to walk the path to their own success.

It is said that any artist who can connect with around 2,000 committed fans can create a livable wage. The path being created at Saju Music is to help any artist connect with those fans, to have the financial freedom to create and live. Once you have that, then the sky's the limit.

Find Your Fans

Receive mentoring to build your own community of people who love your music.


Discover the gift of working alongside other artists, learn how to make money from your songs, create opportunities to have your music heard.

Online Workshops

Work with a professional composer to develop your library of songs, be guided as well as collaborating with other artists.

Community Events

Recording Sessions

Why I Give To Charity

For over 30 years, I've always given away a percentage of my salary.

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