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A Need for Upbeat.

It has been an interesting week. Some ups and downs – pretty normal there but I really felt a need to be upbeat so looking through my own music I came across this montage of 3 pieces that are all upbeat in their own way.

For me when I keep hearing bad news or watch T.V. shows that tug at the heart strings the temptation is to get dragged down into their darkness. But that is not me, I love life even when it throws things at me. So I listened to this music that I produced from a time when I wanted to make something that was cheerful and upbeat. It reminds me that there is always reason to choose joy or misery.

I think I need to change some of the shows that I watch and be active about finding things that lift me up. So I hope that this music, as short as it is, lifts you up. I will keep making music that brings joy so watch out for more. Enjoy.

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