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All for Free.

Today I would like to remind anyone that is interested that all the fact sheets and backing tracks that you find on this website are free to download and use. The links to the Bass e-books offer another opportunity to get free teaching. I know that for a lot of times “free” always comes with a catch but on this site it does not. I am primarily a musician and teacher, I am not a marketer. I have tried in the past to earn money from my knowledge and got so frustrated with endless issues with complicated website creation and differing views on whether advertising on Facebook or Instagram would make me the most money that I invariably gave up. So this time my website is simple and there are no expectations to make money. The truth is I am enjoying it more than I have in the past so I will keep going, adding information for free. The only thing that I would like more is if more people get to find it all useful. Enjoy.

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