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An Attitude for Success.

This wasn’t the post that I planned, for today, but I think it is very important for the world we live in and some of the wrong thinking that I have read about. Those of you who have been reading my blog posts will know that I recently started doing a Music Degree but had to stop. I plan to start again in September, when the obstacles are removed. I also did a music diploma 30 years ago in England and it is interesting that 30 years apart and half the world and I am still witnessing the same things. In England when I studied I realised that there were 2 distinct types of people that were on the course. We had a large canteen where the food was cheap and the hot drinks plentiful. This was the base for a number of students who seemed to have a lot of time on their hands.

I always seemed to have things to do and so I didn’t really go there. Then one day a jam session had fallen through and it was winter so I went to the canteen to get a hot drink. I was invited to join the assembled students so I did. I listened to their conversation for a while and was sad that they felt that their life was hard because there were no opportunities at the college. There wasn’t enough help for them to pass their course, the teachers didn’t give them extra time to finish their assessments, they couldn’t get into the recording studio when it was convenient for them and no-one would help them understand the things they needed to understand. I decided to leave.

They were the whingers and whiners that expected everyone to do everything for them so that their lives would be easy. They were surprised that I wanted to leave and so I explained, in the hope that one of them might get it. That week I had been in the recording studio 6 times and had collaborated with 4 other people. I went in the studio from 9 o’clock at night until they closed at 11 o’clock and I was going in for 4 hours on Saturday. I was going to spend 3 hours that week in the synth studio working with a very talented singer. I had approached my teachers when I had a problem and asked for help and they were more than happy to sit down with me, when they had finished their classes, and help me. Through people that I had met and worked with I was gigging around the city of Manchester regularly and loving it.

I tried to explain to them that all they facilities were free and available if they chose to use them when you could rather than when they wanted to. It was a 2 year course and we all started with the same opportunities but it was up to us to grab them and make the most of them.

Sadly the majority had become entrenched in their negativity but a couple of them walked out with me and changed their approach. For me I never went back to the canteen to sit and talk, I was far too busy doing music to talk about all the things I didn’t have.

When I went back to study, here, recently for my short stint in my degree I decided I was going to have the same approach. I was going to find out every opportunity that was available and grab them with both hands. In my opinion that is the only approach to life that works out well.

I could have given up when things conspired to stop my from fulfilling my dream of getting a Music Degree but I have grabbed the time I have until I go back to become a better musician than I was before. When I finished up I went and found out as much as I could about the course and I have been raising my skills daily so that when I go back I will get even more out of the course than I even thought possible before.

What is stopping you from grabbing the most out of life – is negative friends who just want to tell you what you can’t do or is it the voice in your own head.

Every day is a new opportunity to succeed no matter what happened the day before or what obstacles that lay ahead.

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