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And now for something completely different!

I am not really good at talking about the same subject all the time when music is so wide and diverse so I am going a bit off topic.

Today I am reflecting on some of the events of the past few weeks and how they have influenced me. Just over two week ago a friend decided he wanted to give me some money to help me achieve my goals with my music. That has set in motion a series of events that has brought me to a place where I am nearly ready to launch into creativity on a level that I have not known before.

I have been using Pro Tools software now for about 15 years and I am used to it. Other people have told me about the benefits of other software but the reality is I would have to start again and I don’t want to. The money I got meant that, for the first time in ages, I was able to buy the latest software to go with a powerful Mac book Pro computer, which I already had, and still have money for a mid-range audio interface. It took hours to sort out the software and only because I had a very clever man sat next to me. Then the audio interface. Having very new software and a high end computer meant that the audio interface that I wanted didn’t work. I found out after answering an ad for the item through Facebook Marketplace. I went there with my computer, connected it up and it didn’t work. However I did spend some time with a very friendly young man who wanted to talk music and recording. He asked my advice about what sort of music he should write. Should he be commercial and write what was popular at the moment even though he didn’t like it. I said no – “be true to yourself and then find the audience that like what you do.” He was very happy with the answer and we talked more.

A bit more research meant that I had to revise my budget – I had wanted to get the audio interface and have enough money left over to buy a better bass for when I go back to uni and my Music Degree. Now I have to spend more on the audio interface but I know that the quality will be higher in my recordings and mixing I can live with it. The bass will come later.

I have decided to buy new and have found a good deal. So by this time next week I will be set up to start creating all the ideas in my head. I will add them to my blog so that you can give me feedback and hopefully see my progress to professional composer. Life is about to get more and more exciting. Enjoy.

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