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So I am planning to go back to study a Music Diploma, Full Time. But first to get on the course I have an audition on Friday. I am going to audition as a Bass player even though it is my second instrument because the saying “Everyone wants to be the lead guitar or the vocalist but everyone needs bass players” still holds true. I started gigging around London in my 20’s as a Bass player because every time I talked to people about playing Guitar they didn’t need one but were desperate for a bass player. Nothing has changed in thirty years as the Head of Music, at the open day, said “if you play bass you are in.”

Auditioning is a scary thing that I have done a lot of times in the past but it has been a while. There is always that nagging doubt that what you have to bring is not good enough or is not going to fit with what they want. With music being brilliant isn’t always enough as your style of playing needs to fit with theirs and there needs to be a certain amount of liking each other because you are going to spend a lot of time together. Then there is the “do I go in there confident and motivated and risk being labelled cocky or do I go in there quiet and risk being labelled unconfident.

Luckily this audition is to get on a course and we can sort out the other stuff later. So I am assuming that as long as I play well and I am not a complete arse then I should be alright. Here’s hoping.

My days of fame and notoriety are long gone. Now I am looking for opportunities. Playing bass means that I will get a lot of those. The other great thing is that when you play in a working band the bass player gets paid the same as the lead guitarist for considerably less responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, you have to play well but since the days of the sulky Bill Wyman, of the Rolling Stones, bass players standing at the back being subdued is quite acceptable. So I have 4 days to be as good a bass player as possible. I have created 2 backing tracks purposely to give my bass playing the freedom to be awesome. Now I only have to do it. A bit scary but also a cool adrenaline rush. I will post the backing tracks with the bass added so that you can decide for yourself if I succeed. Enjoy

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