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Barriers to Creativity.

I have been at my most creative when I have a reason to be. I find it hard to just pick up the guitar and create. However when I have an idea or I have something to say the creativity flows. So what are the barriers for me? Busyness always drains my creativity. Life needs to be lived and as a parent I have responsibilities and I would not change them for the world but there are other stuff that gets in the way. When I recognise that I am giving too much time to something it goes. I choose to make space for my creativity to have a voice in my day. The space gives me time to stop and look at the world around men and see something that inspires me. It also gives me time to listen to music that inspires me. There are certain artists that when I listen to them I get ideas. I have included some of them in my Music Appreciation posts.

Another of my big barriers is that I need new ideas to create something different. So I have to keep learning. However I get times when I am tired or lazy and I fall back into my old ways. Everything sounds the same so I have to go away and learn something new and then revisit it. The idea always sounds different with new input.

The next thing is negative people. Now everyone goes through tough times and there is a lot of music to be written in those times but there are some people that are drama queens who perpetually live in their next drama. Personally they drain me. I spend time with them, because that is what friends do, but there comes a point where I need to say enough. Thankfully I don’t have any people like that in my life at the moment because the people who I spend time with are all people I like and they like me.

Lastly and possibly the most destructive barrier to my creativity is me. After years of being creative and being told that I have a talent I still doubt myself. I know that I can play but I still wonder if I have something to say. I recently went to jam with someone and also to teach them some songs and as always the thoughts came to me as I was driving there – “Am I good enough to teach him, will he laugh at my voice when I sing?” As it turned out it went well and we will do it again. Another victory over my doubts. I am embarking on a scary journey next year by going back to study music, with people up to a third of my age. The doubts around that are huge but I know that it will be amazing and I will have victories over my doubts. I will get it wrong at times but I will smile, see the funny side and move on. The barriers don’t ever leave but I have just learnt to deal with them better. Find your barriers, deal with them and enjoy.

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