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Big Sound 2024

A live concert
Big Sound 2024

What is Big Sound 2024?

Big Sound is one of the largest Music Conferences in the world and is held annually in Brisbane, Queensland every September. It runs for 4 days and nights with workshop and networking opportunities during the day and live music all night over many, many stages. It is a place to learn, connect and do deals.

Looking back on 2023

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt from Big Sound 2023 was that I was that I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve and some very useful, specific advice to help me achieve it.

There were people there who were doing deals and creating opportunities. I want to be that person in 2024. Sometimes there is a purpose in watching, learning and coming back prepared.

The Plan

My passion is SYNC Music and also Collaborating with other Songwriters. The great thing about the Big Sound setup is that a couple of months before the event they launch a portal where I can create a profile, listing what I can do and what I am looking for.

By looking at all the other profiles I can plan before the event even starts. Who is looking for my skills? How do I back up my ability with evidence. Being able to contact people and arrange meetings is a real bonus as I can be so much more effective this year. This year I have been working on my online presence and I will add more in the lead up to Big Sound 2024.


I started walking again, eating better and sleeping well, which may not seem like preparation for a music conference but I want to be at my physical best so that I can last the time I want to last to get the most out of the event.

The first question, business wise, is do I want to get all my current work cleared so that I am free to take on new opportunities at Big Sound 2024. The answer is an obvious yes, but there are two-fold reasons. Firstly, to be free to take on new projects but also to have a body of work to give me credibility to those I contact. The credibility has been the issue in previous years. I know what I am capable of and what I can bring to any collaboration but the people I will be talking to don’t know me from Adam and there will be a lot of other people talking as well. I need to have a body of work where I can say – listen to this.

So, the next couple of months will be focussed on creating as much quality music as possible and adding credibility to my profile. One of the big steps, I believe, is joining DISCO.AC which a site that a lot of Music Supervisors (the people who find music for SYNC) go to find music for their projects. Just being on this site elevates my professional credibility. I had this confirmed in a recent conversation with a Music Supervisor at a networking event.

You can go too

I recommend attending Big Sound 2024 if you are serious about creating Music. You will hear from professionals who are doing all the aspects of the industry and be able to ask them questions, meet with them and, potentially, create opportunities for your career.

It is not cheap but invest in yourself. This will be my 3rd Big Sound and the first 2 I went to all the workshops that I could fit in and learnt so much. Now I feel ready to start talking business with my peers. September my be a while but it is always good to have a plan.

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