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Big sound - The week that was.

Tuesday was the opening ceremony. We started with inspiring performances by First Nation artists that were on a spiritual level. I was taken to another place while sitting next to 2 friends who confirmed that it wasn’t just me. I got to look around a local radio station (4ZZZ) and talk music with a number of people I had not met before. Wednesday and Thursday were a blur of workshops, expert panels and discussions with live music to listen to all night. A 3 day music conference is heaven on earth, literally. I found that there were lots of really genuine people even though I am a quiet person who is not comfortable starting conversations. I observed and learnt a mountain of information that will take weeks to really digest.

The big take away for me was that all the things that I love doing in music comes under the banner of an Independent Record Label. I had wondered but wasn’t really ready to commit to it until I went to a workshop titled “Indie Labels” as in Independent as opposed to Indie Music. Their advice was don’t do it but I was already doing it I just didn’t know it came under that title. So I am hooked. The future is looking scary and exciting at the same time.

So the label has a name (one of the hardest things to choose) and I am working on the guiding philosophy of the company culture. I want to create something that is respected and that builds a legacy.

Watch this space.

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