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Blog One of the Music Producer Journey.

The first question is – what kind of producer am I?

Over the years there have been many producers in many styles. There is the famous and highly revered George Martin, often referred to as the fifth Beatle, who brought an incredible musical mind with a passion for technical innovation at one end of the scale. He was a genius who was happy to be out of the limelight. Then at the other end of the scale are the producers who behave like the music is all about them. The first real superstar producer was Phil Specter with his Wall of Sound approach. Many other producers followed who sought the limelight and there have been periods when the artists name was less important on a record than the producer.

For me I am more like George Martin. I want my music to speak for itself. I want the artists and their songs to be the centre of everything. If I can bring something to the songs that lifts them even higher than they already are then I have succeeded.

And so to the journey. I think it started when I first picked up a guitar and played along to the songs on the radio. I imagined I was part of the band, creating my own ideas around the songs. Now, 50 years later, modern technology alongside all the knowledge I have amassed has brought me to a place where I can create ideas around other people’s songs for a living. To do what I love most and be paid for it. Life is good.

You can do it too. I will talk about music theory (the language of music), technology, style, arrangements and recording techniques. All these things combined are the vehicles for bring ideas to music.

Come along for the ride and see where it takes us.

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