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Building a Lot of Unbelieving Frogs to Unlock the Princes within.

What do I mean?

The saying – “you need to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince” is not being used here in a romantic way. I have found that it is equally true in business. Sometimes you need to build up a lot of unbelieving frogs to unlock the princes within. Over the years I have tried to find quality people and it is hard. We live in a throw away society where instant gratification is gold and character come’s a distant second.

The solution to frogs

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Earlier in the week I talked about the anxiety of the rabbit hole. Here is the link if you want to read it -

Saving Songwriters - Fight to Survive Anxiety in the Rabbit Hole.

Many people are troubled with this. So, I have found that even when I find the right people they need building up to the point where they believe that they are the right people.

Time is the only thing that works here. Patience is the approach. Seeing someone’s value before they do has become a useful skill.

I once heard a story and I will paraphrase it here. There is a lot more detail but hopefully you get the point -

A prince went out into his kingdom with a friend to find a bride to be his future queen. He came across a young woman that was working in a field. It was the custom in the country to offer a dowry for a woman’s hand in marriage. The lowest dowry was chickens then came pigs, cows and finally bulls. He asked the woman’s father for her hand. The father was surprised and asked for 3 chickens. The prince thought about it and instead offered 7 bulls. The father couldn’t believe his luck, then wondered if the prince was playing a game with him. The prince finally convinced the father and the young woman was taken to the palace. The prince didn’t see her again until the day of the wedding. The day arrived and the woman was presented to the prince. His friend was amazed at her beauty and poise and could only conclude that the prince had found someone better.

The prince simply said – “I saw a woman worth 7 bulls and when she believed it, she became that woman.

To believe or not to believe, be the prince.

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So many people are so much more than they believe they are. I see so much talent around me that is wasted by unbelief. I really want to convince people they are worth 7 bulls instead of 3 chickens. Some have believed me but others have walked away rather than daring to believe.

What about you? You have talents, you just need to find them and enjoy them.

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