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Building up People while Building your Credit Bank.

Building people.

As a whole I believe that everyone who wants to be successful in business must give to others. By building up other people you create relationships that are based on friendship rather than money. I believe in paying people for their time and expertise but I also believe that building my credit bank with other people makes them a lot more open to helping me.

Those who just take.

Some people will take my time and expertise and not return the credit but they are generally few and far between and I can allow them to go their own way before they let me down on a bigger project. Some people can only see what is in front of them and see business as only being about them.

Building credit.

It is very interesting how many opportunities are created by helping others reach their goals. Sometimes there is a big gap between projects but the credits earned can be re-enforced by the ongoing relationship that I build with the person.

Small conversations via email about all sorts of topics builds our relationship. When the need arises, I am asking a friend, who I have worked with, to be part of a project.

Building community.

At the end of the day, I am interested in people for more than what they can provide. I enjoy using my skills and building a community. I need a community to complete my goals and I know that others have the same needs. If I meet their needs we build community.

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