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Business of Adapting to Quality People for Success.

The business road is often a bumpy one so you have to be in the business of adapting to quality people for success. As soon as you introduce people into the process their lives become a factor.

Adapting for quality people.

The more you value someone the more willing you are to allow the business to meander to include them. Life is a tapestry of unexpected twists and turns. Unexpected encounters and direction changes take you to opportunities you couldn’t have planned for.

By embracing these moments and adapting your plans you will succeed. Quality people offer more than the hours that they work so by valuing their needs you unlock their desire for Win-Win. They work for you so that they Win and you Win.

These people will add networks, ideas and opportunities you cannot create yourself.

Adapting for destructive people.

At the other end of the scale, destructive people can derail your path with their agenda. Identify them and let them loose, then adapt to repair the damage they have done. Often, their ideas seem good at first and are only a small deviation from your chosen path but they don’t live up to their promises. You have to compromise again to overcome their failures which takes you further away from your path.

Working out who is quality or not.

When do you cut them loose and minimize the damage they create? I have learnt to give people small tests that cannot cause damage and assess their performance.

If they succeed and give credit to those who helped they are a quality person.

If they struggle but are honest and open about it, they may just need help. They are genuine and have the potential to be a quality person.

If they succeed but give only themselves the credit, they are going to be destructive to the team in the long run. They need to be let go.

If they struggle and blame everyone else, they are definitely destructive. They will always defend themselves to the detriment of everyone around them and the chosen path. They need to be gone as soon as possible. Then a meeting with the team to repair the damage and reassure them.

To conclude.

The end goal has to remain the same but there can be many paths to the goal with sub paths and tangents that enhance, empower and increase the end goal. So embrace adapting the path for success to include the people you want to travel it with you.

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