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Music is a shared art. We get something really special out of it when play music with others. I find that the best popular songs are collaborations. The most famous are Lennon and McCartney from the Beatles but if you ever get to see any videos of their recordings sessions Ringo Starr and George Harrison also contribute ideas to the songs. Paul Simon, for me, is one of the most notable collaborators. As one half of Simon and Garfunkel he created songs that are still classics today and then he went on a solo career. Looking at his Wikipedia page he continued to record with many artists until his ultimate collaboration - Grammy award winning album “Graceland”.

For me, I have always enjoyed playing with other musicians, especially those that are different to me. Those who are more accomplished than me are the best to play with as I learn so much and I am inspired to be a better musician.

I try to remember this when I am playing with musicians who are not as accomplished as me because they are getting the chance to learn from me and I don’t want to stop that by making them feel inadequate.

Collaboration always makes you better than you would be on your own and the results can surprise and enrich your original idea for the music. Being willing to say ‘that is a better idea than mine” leads you to grow as a person as well as a musician.

So go out and play music with as many different people that you can. Enjoy.

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