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Creating Film Music.

I previously talked about being able to record again. Well today I can announce that I can also play film tracks and record along to them. This is a huge day for me, huge. When I succeeded I screamed like a child at Christmas. Ever since I got my first computer, in the 1990’s – an Atari ST – to record synth music I have dreamed of writing music for film. It has always been my passion, being able to create a mood in a few notes or even just the tone of an instrument. I had previous written music for an original play which was quite successful but it was supposed to go to radio as a radio play and the challenge was how to record it and link it all up with the dialogue. There were recording studios but they would cost a lot of money.

Anyway the next innovation was timecode – where you could record a timecode on one of you audio tracks and the timecode would run the computer. I began to dream again but the technology had its issues. The tape didn’t like being played over and over again and even the smallest stretch put the timecode out so all the synth stuff was out of time with the audio stuff.

The next innovation was to convert audio to digital but the early days were dogged by poor digital quality. It was a bit like the digital cameras that started off with just a few pixels giving a poor reproduction of the picture. Sound was the same but we were moving closer. As the technology got better and better we got closer and closer to the original sound.

Then came the revelation that we could link video to audio all in one computer. The downfall was that the processing power needed was huge. But again it got better and better.

Fast forward to this weekend and the technology in my hands has caught up with the dream I had over 20 years ago. Some would say I am too old to start a new career but I am just getting started. I will learn more and more with each passing day and each new experiment because I have been waiting a long time for this. I look forward to sharing my creations with everyone. Enjoy.

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