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Day in Day out Passion

There are many types of passion in this world but one that always inspires me is the people who go about their business day in day out, quietly doing what they know is right. The person who loves to write and so they commit to writing a newsletter every month. When you ask them they calmly say they have been doing it for twenty years. Their passion is not restricted to bursts of genius but a steady heart that never wavers. There are people that I have known who understand that the people living on the streets are just as hungry when it rains as when the sun shines. Their passion saw through the weather forecast to something more important than being warm and dry.

What does this have to do with music – not a lot, but the passion is the same.

I have known some musicians who will never be famous, as in record sales and concert tours famous, but their memory will live in the many lives that there music has touched.

Only a few become famous and many of them become disillusioned about the fame that they get but many others just love music for the music. I have always loved the music and as I reach the later part of my life I will continue to just love music whatever form that it is in.

I remember a movie called Mr. Holland’s Opus. Mr. Holland wanted to be a composer but he began teaching to pay the bills. At the end of the movie he completes his opus but his crowning moment is that it is played be all his past students. It was only then that he realised the impact of his love of music and his love of his students. I was a great moment but it was also sad that it took so long for him to realise it.

Below is the link to the final performance of his opus. Enjoy.

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