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Different Learning Styles.

One of the great things about music, or any creative activity, is that there are no hard and fast rules about how to get to the end product. For example when I have written and recorded a song, there have be a number of starting points. One song came from me being upset by an article that I read and imagining how I would feel. Another came from listening to a drummer, I knew, playing an African / Latin fusion rhythm and hearing ideas in my head. Another occasion I had the complete song just appear in my head and I had written it about 10 minutes. Lastly there was another song that took 2 years to write as I had this really good chorus but everything I tried to add to it just didn’t work. Finally I found the verses and the song worked.

Having home schooled 2 sons for 12 years now we have realised that they learn in different ways and they also learn different things when they approach the same concept from a different learning style.

It is a complex subject if you want to approach it but these are the seven styles that we have used with our sons.

Visual, Aural, Physical, Verbal, Logical, Solitary and Social.

Just Google “Different Learning Styles” and there is a lot of information.

The main reason that I am talking about this is that I have had students come to me and say I really want to learn this instrument but I can’t seem to get it. I generally start by talking to them about what they like and the questions often lead me to the Learning Style that they do best in. I then focus the teaching around that style and build their confidence while adding small amounts of the other Learning Styles when necessary.

So if you are struggling with learning something maybe you need to do some research on which Learning Style you do the best with and go back to the subject and try again using that different Learning Style.

Happy Learning and enjoy.

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