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Do you have what it takes?

I think that through my teaching I have found that people often want a short term fix and so many teachers are forced to give their students classic riffs and the latest and greatest song turned into its simplest form so the beginner can play it. This then carries on until the student realises that they can play a bit of this and a bit of that but they have no clue why it works and most of all how to be creative themselves.

I chose early on that I would teach students to be creative from day 1. Those who stayed the distance are still playing and creating music for themselves. But many came for 1 or 2 lessons and wanted their quick fix and went somewhere else. So there are plenty of sites that offer the quick fix but if you are prepared to work and learn you can have a lifetime of creativity.

In my opinion there are four parts to being a complete musician and they are:-

  1. Theory.

  2. Technique.

  3. Style.

  4. Creativity.

The level that you achieve in these four parts will determine the quality of your music.

I believe that being a musician is about being creative. To do this you need to understand the language of music and communicate it so well that you touch people’s hearts and enable them to feel things that only music can help them feel. It is about being vulnerable and real and finding confidence in these things.

I believe that what I have to offer will help you gain the tools to realise these things. I cannot do it for you but my aim is to encourage you every step of the way to think for yourself and begin creating with what you have at any given point.

If you will allow me to walk this journey with you I can help you realise your full potential.

So, why am I giving this teaching away for free?

Firstly I would rather people benefit from the knowledge that I have learnt than it sit doing no good to anyone. If it helps you to become the musician you can be then if you want to show your appreciation by giving a donation for my books then I will be grateful. Go to:-

It also gives me the finances to have the time to produce even more teaching material.

Enjoy. Steve.

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