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Finding Inspiration.

At the weekend just gone my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary by going to Caloundra, one of our favourite places. While there we enjoyed the whole experience and interestingly there were quiet moments where my creative juices flowed. Everything that I created was positive and upbeat. The sunrise over the ocean created a piece of music that was light and content. Lyrics that talked about commitment and patience came from us reflecting on the last 25 years. Eating food, another of my passions, always creates a feeling of excitement that came out in a short but upbeat riff for my guitar. The coming weeks I will take the ideas and, by remembering the weekend, I will build on them to see where they go. Some will be short pieces ideal for TV or film while others will develop into songs. I find as a musician I can often listen to a piece of my finished music and remember the inspiration that created it.

If you look around you and live your life there is so much that will inspire you. The darkest moments are an inspiration and the happiest experiences are also. Even the day to day holds something for you to grab and convert into inspiration. Look at those around you. Our relationships can speak so much into our creativity. Just look and ask yourself – how does this make me feel? Pick up your instrument and create. Enjoy.

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