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How to Build Business to Success through Phase by Phase.

Today I am applying for local funding to launch my business. I have gone to grant writing workshops where I learnt some really interesting and useful ideas. So begins the task of how to build business to success through phase by phase. It is always good to have an end goal but a series of goals for each phase is also really important.

Building towards Phase 1

Attracting customers must always be the beginning of any business. I finish my degree in May and the plan is to have 12 completed, mixed and mastered songs. These will demonstrate my ability to write songs. Added to that a website set up for customers to find me. Part of the grant funding will go towards the cost of the website.

Phase 1

I will run a series of 5, 2-day songwriting workshops. Valuing myself, I have valued the cost of the workshops at $260 a head and part of the funding will go to covering half of this amount. There will be 10 students for each workshop. So, the funding will cover $1300 towards the cost, making the cost more accessible to a wider range of students. The goal is to prove the product feasibility so that I can then sell the concept to other councils.

Phase 2

At the end of every workshop the students are offered the opportunity to join my songwriting program via a subscription model. The lowest level at $20 a month offers access to a range of teaching material, fortnightly newsletters and a forum where they can collaborate or share new songs. The monthly subscriptions go up in stages from their where they will be offered more personal involvement from me and access to opportunities.

This subscription is open to anyone. You don't have to be a part of the workshops to subscribe to the community.

Phase 3

The songwriters/ artists that show the most promise will be offered a chance to build their own business creating their own product. My business would then support them with all the resources and credibility that I have amassed for my business.

I have spent a lot of time planning this part of my career and there are always difficulties that arise. However, I feel that all the hard work and commitment is culminating in the thing I love the most. Helping others achieve their goals.

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