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I never thought about the bass before.

In preparation for my audition I wanted to play for some friends to get their reaction. One of them said “I have never thought about the bass before”. For many people this is the case but it is interesting how it can be missed when it is not there. One of the tracks I am doing for my audition is a song so I got my wife to do some backing vocals and an interesting thing happened. There was no bass part on the recording and she just started singing the bass part in the bits where there was no definite part for her to sing. She didn’t even realise that she was missing the bass part and was trying put it in.

For me I spent a lot of time around Jazz musicians when I lived in London and the bass player got regular solo’s and was featured as the main instrument playing a riff that held the whole piece together but this is often missing in popular music with the bass being a much more “support” instrument. We only notice it when it is not there or it is being featured.

I like playing bass because I can let go sometimes and when I want to just create the drive and energy of a piece I can do that as well.

Well tomorrow is the big day for me. I recommend that you go and find some really good bass players in the style that you like, they might just surprise you. Enjoy.

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