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In the business of crafting a win-win culture.

I believe that for a business to be successful and have longevity it needs to have a win-win culture. But what does win-win mean and what does it look like?

Doing it yourself

For me, creative people are best when they are being creative. It seems like a simple statement but in the world we live in creative people are also being asked to do a multitude of other things to be successful.

Be on social media constantly.

Be creating marketing plans for music launches.

Be writing blog posts.

Be chasing up gigs.

Be chasing up payment for those gigs.

The list can go on and on. However, the one thing that gets squeezed out is the creativity that got them excited in the first place. In the old days of big record companies and deals the artist or band would concentrate on creating music and a team of specialists would do all the work around them.

The internet has made it easier to do everything yourself but is that a good reason to do it.

Others multiplying you

I am a fan of “Shark Tank”, a program where small businesses came to investors to help them become bigger businesses. One of the obvious things that came out of this show was the people presenting their businesses came in owning 100% of business making, say $100,000 a year. The wise ones realized that giving up, say 30% of their business they could end up with a company making a $1,000,000 a year. They have multiplied their income to $7000,000 a year and they have a team helping them.


They win, the investor wins, the people employed to do the work win and the customers win.

If creative people apply this principle then they can build a team around them by giving away some of their income so that they can create more music that creates more sales that creates more income.

I have looked at “Patreon” as a business model for creative people. Not surprisingly a lot of people are already doing it. My goal is to build an income of around $20,000 a month for each artist I work with. They would pay their team $8,000 a month to do all the business for them and still have $12,000 to live on. They win because they have a steady income so they can focus on creating. Their team win because they are paid for their skills. The fans win because they get access to the artist and their creativity every month.

Build a team that works or each other and everyone wins.

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