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Songwriting - Inspiration

Updated: Jan 18

Every person has a reason to keep breathing and moving through their life. Sometimes we lose sight of it but it is always there. Just one decision away.

This is where inspiration saves us. Covid was supposed to be the worst thing to happen to the world but it passed. So many people I talk to about that period recognized the problems but they also recognized that being forced to simplify their lives and decide what really mattered was a time of awakening. Some have changed their lives for ever and are living a better life while others are now dissatisfied with their lives but are not sure how to change it.

For me, I have found the power of inspiration. Just being alive is inspiration, I have learnt to value breathing because there have been times when I couldn’t. There is inspiration in being grateful for what I have. Just by being in Australia I am in the top 1% in the world. I have so much to be grateful for.

Every morning I wake up next to my wife of 29 years and I am grateful. I share my life with 2 sons who want to be in my life and I am grateful.

Why am I writing this – because  I have very little money and in the world I live that makes me a failure. The most powerful lesson I have learnt is that the world is wrong in how it judges people.

I am not a failure and I am grateful. I have achieved the greatest success – people love me and will miss me when I am gone.

So, on January 1st 2024 I am grateful and I will be every day until I breath my last breath.

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