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Introduction to Me.

How much do you love music?

I love playing alone and with others, listening to all styles and levels, creating simple instrumentals up-to full orchestra pieces.

I have written e-books, taught one on one and now I have decided to share everything I have through this Wordpress blog and Noisetrade. I chose Noisetrade because there is the opportunity for people who have a passion but little money to have the chance to download my teaching material and grow as a person. I also hope that those who have more than a little will donate towards me being able to continue giving help to anyone.

This is new and I am learning so any comments and feedback will be appreciated but we all hate being insulted. I am a real person at the other end of your comments and I will do my best to respect as many points of view as possible.

So watch this space while I try new things and offer more and more as time goes on.

Checkout my “Facts Sheets” and “Backing Tracks” which will offer more free information and tools.

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