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Look, Listen and Learn.

The idea for this came from when I went to Music College to study my diploma of music. I was good at everything except being able to write the musical equivalent of what I was hearing.

I came up with the solution through a series of conversations around music. I was aware of classical music but I had not really experienced it before and so when I found out that there was a large classical music library at the college I began listening in breaks and tutorial periods. The next piece of information was when I was asked to write scores for a composing class. I had never done this before so I asked if there was scores in the library that I could use as reference material. I was told that there was lots of classical scores available.

The next question was like opening Pandora’s Box. I asked “How close are the classical scores to the classical recordings?” I was told that in the classical world you only played what was on the score.

Bingo!!! I had recordings and scores so I could LOOK at the scores, LISTEN to the recording and LEARN how to convert sound to musical notes.

Below are the humble begins of me bringing look, listen and learn to my teaching. Watch this space for it to get more complex and more interesting. Enjoy.

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