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Making Happy and Sad Moods For more Successful songs.

Having done the big picture ideas of songwriting the next step for me is to try to create the mood and overall sound of the song. The use of certain chords will create moods. The tempo (speed) of the piece can also be a big influence. The rhythm patterns add another level and lastly the instruments and effects used can give you the tools to create.

Here are some basic ideas.

Creating a happy mood.

  1. An upbeat tempo – over 90 bpm.

  2. The majority of chords being Major or Sus4 chords.

  3. Rhythmically simple and repetitive.

  4. Instrumentation would include full band with an emphasis on higher pitched sound.

Creating a sad song.

  1. A slower tempo – under 70bpm.

  2. The majority of chords being Minor or 7th chords.

  3. Rhythmically very open with lots of silence.

  4. Instrumentation would have an emphasis low pitched sounds and big reverbs and choruses.

There many approaches to creating moods and you can use all the obvious methods or some of them and create your own. You can even break the rules and do something out of the box.

My advice is start with the obvious and then add your own spin on it until you get the sound that you want.

If you are a songwriter leave a link to your song and I would be happy to give you some feedback and suggestions.

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