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Monday Mood Music - Collaboration

Another powerful part of creativity is collaboration. Recently I got the opportunity to collaborate online. It had some interesting problems and I learnt a lot but just working with other people really changed the way that I did things. I had an idea and that started the process and the hardest thing, to be honest, was not just taking over and doing my own thing. I stepped back and had to be patient with the process. We were all learning so it was always going to be bumpy but the 3 people I worked with were all good team players and they made me better at it. Trust me, team playing is not one of my strengths, even though I recognise that it is, so, vital for my growth as a musician. The others were Kate and Jordan from New South Wales and Michelle from Singapore and they are each talented in their own ways. This is definitely something I would love to do again and hopefully as Co-Vid gets under control opportunities will present themselves.

Here is the final recording that we came up with. I did the mixing and have since learnt some useful skills so I am going to have another go at it. Watch this space for the next mix.

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