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Moveable Major Scales 1

The way the Guitar is designed we can learn a piece of information in one place and then move it up and down the guitar to create new versions of it. In the same way as I have shown you Moveable Chords we can do the same for Scales. Below I will show 2 scales that can be played using the same scale shape but in different positions to get different notes.

We will start with the A Major scale to work out the Moveable scale shapes. There are 5 moveable scale shapes that can be used for all the Major scales (keys). Below is the first moveable scale shape in A Major.

A Major Scale

This Scale shape can be transferred to any other Major Scale on the Guitar. Below is the C Major Scale using the same shape. Notice that the only thing different are the fret numbers and the individual notes – the shape is the same.

C Major Scale

The way to work it out is to find the root note. For A Major it is A and for C Major it is C. Got to the first diagram and you will find the A on the 6th string (thickest) on the 5th fret. I you use the one finger one fret method for playing scales you will use your 4th finger (the little finger furthest away from your thumb) to play the A on the 5th fret. So just slide your 4th finger up to the 8th fret and then play the scale the same way. Now you are playing C Major.

This means that by knowing this Major Scale shape you can play something over every song no matter what Major Scale (Key) it uses.

The following table shows which fret to place your 4th finger to play the corresponding Scale. We will start art fret 4 because that is the first place that you can play this shape in its entirety:-

Fret 4 = G#/ Ab Major

Fret 5 = A Major

Fret 6 = A#/ Bb Major

Fret 7 = B Major

Fret 8 = C Major

Fret 9 = C#/Db Major

Fret 10 = D Major

Fret 11 = D#/Eb Major

Fret 12 = E Major

Fret 13 = F Major

Fret 14 = F#/Gb Major

Fret 15 = G Major


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