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Music and Film.

Recently my son did a science project that incorporated his love of music. He asked the question “Does music really change or enhance the visual part of a film.

It was an interesting project and we found that others had asked the question and some had created you tube clips with popular movies without and then with their sound tracks for us to explore. My son created a series of questions for friends and family to answer for a number of film examples and the answers were interesting.

Everyone agreed that the music had an impact but the degree was not agreed uniformly. Human beings are very individual when it comes to music, moods and emotions. Some liked ones more than others, some said they hadn’t realised how much music there was in films and others said they sometimes preferred not to have music.

The film music industry is huge and you can make a very good living without having all the strains of famous bands or singers. For me this has always been an appealing part of the music world but I have had limited success in this area. You never know, as long as I can produce music there is always that lucky break that took years of hard work and persistence to enjoy.

Below is an example I found on you tube from the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean Movie.


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