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Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation – We Will Rock You By Queen.

At a live concert
Music Appreciation


Here is the 2nd song in my Music Appreciation Series. The official Video of “We Will Rock You”. Released by Queen in 1977.


Simple but highly effective. It charted at Number 2 in 1977. It has become an anthem all over the world and has been used in many adverts and movies.

Here are adverts  - Persil (Washing Powder)


And Pepsi (Drink)


Here are movies – A Knights Tale

And Pixels

My Music Appreciation

I am a big fan of Queen and consider myself lucky to have grown up when there were so many amazing bands around. Seeing them live was an experience I will never forget.

This song is a particular favourite of mine as I was a teenager when it was released and I was one of the many who would stamp and clap to the song, even when it was on the radio. This caused some aggravation with my family who were less interested in Queen and more interested in me disturbing their peace.

I remember being among thousands and feeling the power coming over us all. It was the simplest thing to do and yet it gave such ownership and participation in the song that nobody cared.

Here is the creation of the song, as told in the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”.



Not many songs have succeeded in the way that “We Will Rock You” has and for such a simple song with such a powerful lyric it captures the imagination  of so many.

Enjoy it, shout it, stamp and clap it. Join the army of fans.

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