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Music Appreciation - Adele Impersonating Adele

I picked this video not because of the music in it but because I really respect Adele as an artist and as a person, in this clip she plays an Adele impersonator and interacts with the other Adele impersonators. When she gets up to sing, well I won’t spoil it.

I think impersonators are the greatest fans and to hear the love that these people have for Adele and how she has inspired their very existence because of her honesty and talent makes for a good story.

In these days when everyone has access to recording equipment , put it on I-Tunes and never have to meet the people they want to sell to, it is heart-warming to see an artist who is willing to go to such lengths just to meet her biggest fans.

Music is about sharing a part of who we are. Everyone connects a time in their life or an emotion with a song or songs. There is something about the words or the tune that reconnects us in a powerful way. This clip shows how powerful the songs and the memories that Adele creates are that these people want to relieve it over and over again. They even want to share their love of Adele with others. People will even come and listen to them even though they know the impersonators are not the real thing.

I am a man and this brought a tear to my eyes because it is real and I want to have that kind of connection to my music.

It is quite a long video but well worth the time. Enjoy.

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