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Music Appreciation - Allie Sherlock.

Allie Sherlock from Douglas in Cork

I first came across this girl with a big voice around a year ago. She was 11 or 12 at the time and was busking in Cork, Ireland. However her father was videoing her busking and putting the videos on you tube and other social media. She just held my attention for the whole performance and I immediately looked for more.

The thing that impresses me about Allie Sherlock is that she that took her talent to the streets and performed. Busking is hard because generally people are not there to hear you, they are going somewhere and to get them to stop and listen is an achievement in itself and then if they give you money as well you feel like a star.

I have been busking before and sometimes people just walk by, some pretend that they don’t even see you, but some stop and listen, clap and even give you some money.

However Allie had the clever idea to put her busking online and she is at the point now where she tells people when and where she is busking and they do go to see her.

She has also been on chat shows, signed a record deal and is out busking her own songs. With 1.6 million subscribers to her You Tube account she has even given her subscribers the opportunity to donate as they would if they were there.

Below is a video from 2 years ago, back at the beginning of her journey. The talent is their but Dad’s video skills need a bit of work.

Below is a video from 1 month ago, an up to date look at Allie Sherlock. The talent has grown even more and the video is much better. Enjoy.

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