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Music Appreciation - Genesis.

As a young man I had so many musical influences in my life. My father listened to big band, my mum loved torch songs. I had friends who introduced me to rock and for some reason I loved big orchestral classical music.

When I was introduced to Genesis they seemed to incorporate so many styles of music and they were not restricted to the two and a half minute songs that the radio played. One of their songs could last up to eleven minutes and not be boring. If anything I wanted them to be longer. The vocals were not out of place in the charts even though they went through a number of vocalists but the music twisted and turned around a theme, creating moods and intensities with ease. It seemed to me that they just sat down and played and the ideas flowed. I know that it would not be that easy but these musicians were each talented in their own right (they all went on to work with others) but together they were amazing. I managed to see them live and just stood in awe. Their music washed over me, through me and inhabited my mind so much that when I got home I picked up my guitar and tried to create. It was late and I had school the next day. My parents were not impressed with the music coming from my room especially seeing they had no knowledge that I had gone to a concert on a school day. I knew I would get grounded but it was worth it because I would have more time to play my guitar and dream of being as good as the musicians of Genesis.

I have included “The Lamb lies down on Broadway” you tube clip to give you a taste of Genesis. Enjoy.

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