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Music Appreciation - Mary did you know?

This is an all vocal group called Pentatonix singing a modern Christmas Carol. I grew up being dragged to Christmas services by my parents, who wanted nothing to do with God the rest of the year, because it was the thing to do at Christmas. As a teenage boy I didn’t understand why the songs mattered when I was listening to Led Zeppelin, Genesis and Queen. All I knew was it was tradition. The songs dated back 100’s of years and it always amused me that everyone knew the first verse but got lost with the rest of them.

The truth is that I love God now and I understand the power in the words of Carols. I still find it hard to love those old Carols but one of my favourite things is finding new Christmas Carols to enjoy. The old ones still get the most played but I can appreciate that some people like to feel the comfort from hearing the same thing over and over again, like an old pair of socks that you don’t want to throw away. So, below is one of my favourite Carols that always leaves me thinking about Jesus – the vulnerable child that grew up to be the most powerful and controversial, depending what you choose to believe, human to walk the planet.

Whatever your beliefs the musical genius of this is well worth the listen. Enjoy.

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