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Music Appreciation - part 2.

U2 + Gospel Choir - I still haven't found what I'm looking for

I just love the way that U2 at the peak of the fame, in 1987, created this powerful moment on The Joshua Tree album. On the DVD that was a biography of the tour they are seen going to Harlem to sing with a Gospel Choir. Someone had sent them a cassette tape (yes back in those days) and they listened to it, liked it and organised time to meet. For me this was a moment of beauty. The collaboration seemed most unlikely but it just worked and to see the band give way to the choir and then applaud them was beautiful to watch. I am a huge U2 fan and this one of my go too videos when I need a pick me up. I feel like it is creative humanity at its best.

Musically this shows how you don't need clever recording and arranging techniques when you have raw passion and enthusiasm. Enjoy.

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