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Music Appreciation - Playing for Change.

Song around the world

I came across this idea a couple of years ago. Someone recorded and videoed musicians from all around the world playing the same song and then they mixed it all together to create these amazing pieces of music.

The collaboration is beautiful, the heart is inspiring and the message is clear – we have so much more in common than we have differences.

Whenever I feel the world is ready to pull itself apart I go to the people that inspire me and I realise that there are people that are just good people who want to live together and respect and care for each other.

The darkness doesn’t last long when I watch one of these videos and I just want to be involved so I sit and play along. After a while the light comes back into my life and I can face the rest of it again.

This song is called One Love by Bob Marley and the words could not be truer today than the day they were written. Enjoy.

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