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Music Appreciation – Sounds of Silence.

Three women enjoying music
Music Appreciation

I have wanted to share some of my favourite songs on this blog for a while under the heading Music Appreciation, and today it is Sounds of Silence. For me it is one of those songs that I just never get tired of and even some of the covers have become favourites.

Music Appreciation - The Sound of the 60’s

Some songs seem to capture a generation’s sound like Simon and Garfunkel’s song “The Sound of Silence” captures the 60’s. It is an easy, flowing song that people seem to love. It speaks of unnatural things and paints pictures of emotions that are dark. However, you are drawn into the poetry of its lyrics.

Harmonically it is very Minor giving a sadness to the song. The picked chords give the music a lightness and flow which also adds to the gentleness of the song.

Add to that the melodically soaring harmonies that just make you feel like you are soaring above the everyday and you want to be part of the story. Having the harmony below the melody is very different to the normal practice and again adds more flavour and individuality to the song.

In Conclusion

Two guitars and two voices, honesty and insight that connects the listener to the pictures and moods being offered. It transcends time because it speaks to the, very human, need to understand our meaning.

Listen for Yourself


Covers add the Appeal

There have been many cover versions of this song recorded by a range of artists. My favourites include – Pentatonix and Disturbed. Both are very different and take the song in other directions. They are technically very good and have both received acclaim.


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