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Music Appreciation - Vendulka Wichta

I first saw this performer as a young woman of 14 auditioning for X Factor. Here she is performing Blackbird.

She blew the Judges away and right from the start her genuine musicality was evident. She progressed well but didn’t go as far as her talent deserved. She returned the following year. Here she is performing Stay.

She blew the judges away again only to leave the competition at the same stage as before.

I have kept an eye on her over the years, hoping that she would break through into the charts. She is pure talent but doesn’t seem to be able make it past hopeful.

Recently you appeared on the voice and did her own version of a Boy George song. Here she is performing Karma Chameleon. Again her musicality good great reactions from the judges but she still went out in the next round.

Check out her Facebook for more great music

If you enjoy her as much as do let her know. As musicians we all need encouragement. Enjoy.

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