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Music Production - My communication mistakes leading to useful lessons learnt.

I am learning more and more about production. Not all of it has to do with faders and sound generation.

Today I want to talk about people and especially creative people. They are a special breed that can be totally inspiring and just as frustrating in equal measure.

I recently came to the point of thinking that I had finished a song. It was ready for the final vocals and then mixing and mastering. I sent it to the singer, who wrote the song, for her to practice to and then record to. Both the drummer and I wanted to play the song faster but made the decision to go with the tempo that I had agreed with the singer. So, when I got the message from the singer that she liked it but wanted to make some changes I wondered about the tempo, sure enough she wanted it quicker. I was kicking myself.

A simple conversation with the singer would have changed the tempo before recording and saved me a lot of time. She also wanted to add another Verse which is not hard to do but the tempo is a problem considering I had recorded live drums.

Mental note to myself – always check with the songwriter if I have any ideas before recording live drums.

Now the dilemma is do I adjust the drums using technology or simply go back and re-record. I am going to try the technology approach as the tempo jump isn’t too large and the drums were quite minimal.

I will let you know how I go, in the coming weeks.

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