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Music to power my Emotions.

Tomorrow I need to do a talk in front of a group of people at a conference and I am nervous. It is a big deal for me and a friend and we have invested a lot in it.

So today I haven’t committed to a lot and so I could really get inside my head and psych myself out.

But for me music is there for every situation. I want to make a strong speech so I have anthem type music playing while practice my words.

When I am not practising I am listening to inspiring music and watching inspiring videos.

Tonight when all the work is done I will lay in my bed with my headphones on and relax to some quite, laid back instrumental music.

As I travel tomorrow I will listen to more instrumental music, maybe a bit stronger.

When I arrive I will be ready and mentally prepared to do the best that I can.

Music has the power to calm or minds or pump them up. Use the power. Enjoy.

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