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My Journey Back – The scary transition from study to work.

Working out who I am.

I have the rest of this term and one more to prepare to for the scary transition from study to work. In a sense I began preparing when I started the course as the whole point of the course was end up working in the music business. My goal is to work as a composer and songwriter as the opportunities are wide ranging. Add to this fact that I don’t want to gig, tour and be a performing artist and the career path is clear but it is still a scary transition from study to work. Study comes with a certain amount of security, as long as you do the work. But working of money is very different.

I am in the process of recording and producing 12 songs that highlight my skills. This will mean that people can listen to my ability and decide if I am a good investment. My genre is very much acoustic and I am happy there. I have learnt that trying to chase work by being a jack of all trades is counterproductive. I cannot be good at everything but I can concentrate on being very good at something.

The process

Google is very cool when you are trying to work out your process to a goal. There is a lot of information out there about every subject. By changing my google wording slightly I can find a lot of helpful contacts and organisations. I have joined a number of Facebook groups where people ask questions about the groups subject. This has led to some questions I had not even thought of before. It is amazing how quickly you can learn about anything when you listen to experts talk to each other. I now have a grasp of a whole range of language and ideas I had not considered even a few months ago.


It is good to feel confident that I can ask questions and not be treated like an idiot. I have always known that encouraging other people is a better introduction than announcing your arrival. Most of the groups are filled with people like me who want to learn and be a part of something. By simply commending them for that and they are interested in who I am. Talking to someone in the 4 corners of the globe has never been easier.

Working globally

I have worked through collaborating online and it has its own set of issues. But it has exciting opportunities. To be able to access the abilities of musicians everywhere and to offer my talents everywhere. Life is going to be fun. Work is going to be fun. Most of my life I have not been able to say that. Can’t wait to see where the world will take me.

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