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Production Tip 1

When starting a recording always set up the recording. The number of times that I have come back to a project that wasn’t set up and had to go through every track to figure out what was going on.

Labelling tracks and sections makes working easier and quicker. Colours for grouping instruments makes it visually easy to work through groups. A colour specifically for MIDI and Instrument tracks links them together. I always name an AUX track as an OUT linked to the instruments.

I, personally, put the Master Fader in the middle of the tracks and have Audio Tracks to the left and MIDI Tracks to the right. If you develop your own system and stick to it going back to old projects is easy to navigate and edit without too much fuss.

The other benefit is that if you are collaborating, your project files make a lot more sense and are easier for others to work with. This will make you a lot more popular with other engineers and producers.

I have created a Template for my Pro Tools set-up with all the connections already included, tracks named, groups aux tracks and Master Fader, colours already done and MIDI Tracks set-up with their Instrument Tracks. Just by selecting the Template I am ready to go and I know that there are no surprises that I will need to fix.

It may not sound very “in the moment, rock and roll” but removing as many obstacles to creativity as possible works for me.

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