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Production Tip 5 – The Power of using Specific Plugins.

Plugins are.

Plugins are digital sounds and effects and the power of the plugins is that they can be used to enhance your songs.

Why Plugins.

When I bought the latest version of Pro Tools it came with a number of plugins built in but they are limited. As soon as you become serious about producing the best recordings that you can plugins become the next step. But the question is where to go and which ones are the best for you.

The Plugin Trade off.

The thing with plugins is that they use a lot of computer ram (processing power). They also can often be limited unless you pay for the top of the range plugins. So, I have found that joining facebook groups has enabled me to listen to what other people are finding. Then I look at my budget and making a decision.


I generally start with the free version of the plugin and test it for a few weeks before paying for the next level plugin. I also try and find specific plugins. At the moment I am looking at Spitfire Audio Plugins ( They have a good range of free plugins for specific instruments so I can pick and choose the ones I need. I don’t have to download a massive, global, plugin that may offer only a few sounds that I can use.


The effects loaded on Pro Tools cover all the basics that I need. I don’t use a lot of effects. I try to make my recordings as close to the finished sound as I can. Saying that I am always on the look out for Acoustic Guitar Amp Plugins and as yet have not found the one that really works with me.

I do use effects to get those sounds that recording cannot make. Chorus is great for big washy sounds especially when used in conjunction with a delay or reverb. Gates are really good for adding punch to some sounds.

So, at the end of the day plugins are necessary to take your producing to another level but to get the best you can, try and be very specific about what you need and when you find it get the best version of it that you can.

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