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Last week I was having a coffee with a friend and we were talking about what we were passionate about. I talked about music and recording music. I also said that my very old computer program had died I was not able to retrieve it. I could not record anymore. He asked me “what do you need to be able to record?” I told him as part of the conversation. The real stumbling block was the computer so he said I will give you a mac book pro with the upgrades that you need. I was blown away. I still had to buy new software and new hardware but this was amazing. The next day I found the precise software and hardware in an ad together. The price was well within my price range and so I went and bought them on the Saturday. Then came a bit of a down. I tried everything that I knew but I couldn’t get them to work together. AH!!!!!!! So I phoned my friend and asked for help. (He repairs computers as his business).

I got to his house about 1600 and left at 2200 exhausted but smiling. They were working together. I could record and I was mobile. I am now getting ready to record other people with my mobile recording equipment. I just need to get proficient with the new version so a couple of weeks. Watch this space. The sad thing I have to study for my Cert IV in Teaching and Assessment which is taking a lot of time away from getting back to creating but it will come soon. The next challenge is be able to link video recordings up with my Pro Tools recording software so that I can work on short movies or even long movies. That is the goal this weekend. Hopefully it all works without another marathon computer session by my friend so praying for that. Watch this space for some original music and even some movies. Enjoy.

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