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Saving Songwriters - Fight to Survive Anxiety in the Rabbit Hole.

A history with the rabbit hole

As a young man I spent a lot of time trying to fight the anxiety in the rabbit hole. I had worked hard to be the best guitarist I could be and I was good. However, I was insecure and didn’t believe that I was that good. I would go to auditions and would get shortlisted or get asked back. Then the anxiety and doubts would kick in. I had a drink problem and I would go there to silence the thoughts. The number of times I went back drunk is embarrassing. I wouldn’t have taken me on or paid me good money. Then there were the times that I didn’t even turn up. What was the point, they would see right through my lack of talent.

Realising the lies of the rabbit hole

Now that I am older, I can see the rabbit hole for what it is. It is a lie! I still get those moments when the anxiety rears its ugly head but I have learnt to like myself. This has taken a lot of time and some very caring people. I had dug a very deep hole for myself and it took too much time to dig myself out. Now I am out I am not going back.

Speaking against the rabbit hole

I find myself in a position, now, where I can see the symptoms of the rabbit hole in others and I want to be the caring person who says “you are good, I believe in you”. Sometimes people hear it and I can see the relief on their faces. Other times the insecurity has taken hold and they don’t believe me. I will keep trying because others didn’t give up on me.

The end of the rabbit hole

Sadly, there have been many who have not survived the rabbit hole and have succumbed to its lies.

Please! Please! Do not let it be you. You are amazing just by wanting to be creative. Learn your trade, connect with others, be the best you can be.

Most of all fill in that rabbit hole so that it can’t call to you anymore.

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