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Saving Songwriters - Free to be Honest, Caring and Giving.

The biggest reason for this journey and mission is that I myself am a songwriter and I have needed saving on a number of occasions. Being creative is both a blessing and a curse. For me there are amazing highs and some real desperate lows. A criticism can be crushing. To know in my head gems like – “everyone has an opinion”, “you can’t please everyone”. More gems are "a negative is an opportunity to be better”, “just turn it around” and the classic “be true to yourself” don't actually help. Self-help books are in abundance. However, no-one can shake the truth that if you care about your creativity, you can be hurt.

Giving Up.

Sometimes it is easier to just pretend that you don’t want to be successful or famous. Sometimes, like a younger me, you could purposely sabotage your opportunities just to say you knew it would never work.

Back when I was young if someone had called out all my negative behaviour and believed enough in me, I would have succeeded. Wanting to encourage those who doubt themselves, that are better than they think will, hopefully, help someone. I told someone the other day that he was a better musician and songwriter than he thought he was and then I told him why. He left feeling better about himself.

On the Journey.

I have learnt that no-one is bad at what they do. Some people have a natural talent and some people don’t. Some people have just started on their journey and some people have amazing ideas but don’t, yet, have the skills to execute those ideas.

Some people need people to collaborate with and some people need someone to give, constructive, feedback.

Where are you?

So, start by being honest with yourself. What skills do you have? What skills do you need? Are there people out there that you can work with? What can you help someone else with?

Some of the greatest music was written in collaboration so you don’t have to be great at everything, just honest.

Be honest, learn, grow, help others and ask for help.

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