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Saving Songwriters – Present an exciting two-day songwriting workshop.

Grant writing.

On Saturday I went to a grant writing workshop to get funding. My goal is to present an exciting two-day songwriting workshop. There was about twenty-five other people there. I was amazed at the range of ideas to improve the quality of the creative lives of Ipswich, Queensland. My idea was well received and I also made a number of interesting contacts with the other people there. I was inspired enough to offer my time and expertise for their projects.

The grant will enable me to put the course together. I will also be able to cover all my costs and keep the costs down for the participants while giving myself a livable income.

The course outline.

Pro Tools is my default DAW for all my recording projects but I also use it as a songwriting tool. I have looked for courses that offer this but have not found any in my region.

I am in the process of refining the course but the format follows three streams.

Stream 1 is education – teaching the principles of songwriting and music theory.

Then, Stream 2 is collaboration – by setting up pairs of songwriters from the participants on the course, they get an insight into writing with someone else. The problems and the benefits.

Lastly, Stream 3 is performance – giving opportunity for the participants to perform everything from ideas to completed songs. The rest of the group can give feedback under the guidelines of growth.

Beyond the course.

After the two-day course is finished the participants will be invited to pay a monthly subscription fee to receive ongoing education, collaboration and performance opportunities. The idea is to build a growing community of songwriters that supports each other’s growth by sharing opportunities, successes and near misses.

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