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Second Chance Wednesday.

Here is my first Second Chance Wednesday offering. Music Appreciation - Matt Corby. Recently I went to a Music Business Networking meeting and met the guy who writes with Matt Corby and he talked about this song so I thought I would give it airing.

When I first found this you tube clip I was just flicking around looking for new music to enjoy. I had put in “Acoustic Singer Songwriters” and after a series of OK but not inspiring clips I thought “I will just listen to one more”. It was Brother by Matt Corby and it blew me away. This clip is on my bookmark and I listen to it regularly. I just love everything about it. The power of light and shade and the sheer honesty of the song, but most of all he gets lost in the performance. It is like no one else is there and that intrigues me. It is the kind of musician I want to be. I want to inspire others to be great. Enjoy.

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