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Sharing some of me - Part 3.

Today I want to share some pieces that I created using only synth sounds and no live sounds. Some of the parts I played on a keyboard, saved them as MIDI files and edited them and some I wrote directly to the MIDI files using a block system for breaking up the bars to give rhythms. When I studied music back in the nineties it was cutting edge technology and I made the most of every chance I got. Compared to today it was still in its infancy but will still a lot of fun. Some people were scared of the technology and it did take a bit of understanding but once I got it the creativity flowed. I also became the guru that everyone else came to for their project work. In the world of favours I racked up a lot and used them all to musicians playing on my projects. I pushed the technology to the limit and even crashed the whole studio a couple of times. I just threw my hands in the air, recited the mantra “save as you go” because I hadn’t and started again. Some of the pieces came from then and others came from later but they are all synth.

The first is called “Tension Drums”.

The next is called “The Ghostly”.

The last is called “Ghostly Dance”.

This gives you a clear idea of how I like to use synth music. Not always but mostly. Enjoy.

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